Business to Business

South Seas encourages enquiries from bona fide international and local business partners who want to enter into a business relationship. Interested business partners need to realise the pre-selection procedure:

  • Accept a relationship check
  • Have proven financial and management acumen
  • Extensive Industry-related contacts
  • Have identified their potential marketplace (students and industry)

South Seas proposes a choice of either of the two business models in moving enquiries forward.

A. Licensing Model
South Seas offers licensing model option to approved business partners. This involves an Operating Licensing Agreement for the establishment of an Industry Training Institution or the licensing of individual courses or programmes

B. Joint Development Model
South Seas offers a Joint Development option to approved business partners. This Joint Development model can include a mix of service requirements, partnership, joint programmes, courses and programmes that are tailored to suit business requirements. South Seas will consider joint venture proposals that include a mix of equity and shareholding, which will be assessed, case-by-case.

Further enquiries to: Gerben Cath, Executive Director, South Seas International. Phone 64 9 444 3253 or email:

South Seas Training Expertise

South Seas is well qualified to deliver a wide range of media industry related training programmes including film, TV, digital media, computer animation, etc. All courses and programmes are delivered in English.

Film, Television and Digital Media industry training covers many demanding inter-related practical and creative skills that are often highly technical and require extensive and expensive equipment and facilities to replicate industry procedures, workplace facilities and demands.

South Seas provides training programmes across four key media areas:

  • Film and Television including art department, script writing, research, shooting, directing, sound, camera, editing, drama and news production, digital film, etc
  • On-Screen Acting including reporter stand-ups, TV presenter presentation, voice training, acting for TV, corporate and public relations training programmes, etc
  • Digital Multi Media Production including graphic design, creating channel id’s and promotions, DVD production, e-commerce, web-site design and operations, etc
  • Animation Production including traditional, Flash, 2D and 3D, etc

South Seas has developed a range of courses in these four key media areas that vary from two-day workshops through to one and two-year diploma-level training. These courses also target a range of skill levels from introductory though to industry professional up-skill programmes.

South Seas Film, Television and Digital Media Training Credentials

Established in 1992, South Seas Film and Television School has grown into New Zealand’s leading film, television, animation, on-screen acting and new media industry training provider with over 600 graduates establishing promising careers in the global industry.

South Seas Film and Television School offers industry-focused training in film, television, new media production, on-screen acting and animation as well as short courses and workshops targeting industry needs. South Seas training programmes deliver a unique blend of creative and technical skills that delivers a confidant ‘can do’ attitude in all the graduating students. This is the product of professional tuition, multi-skilling, teamwork and integration with industry needs. South Seas course curriculum is of international standard and is accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and registered by the Ministry of Education, New Zealand.

Key competitive advantages of South Seas training are:

  • Industry relevant technical and production skills.
  • Industry relevant projects and timeframes.
  • Maintaining a culture of high standards and professionalism.
  • Training for employment.
  • Industry focused roles and responsibilities for students, teams and projects.

Students from a wide range of countries including Indonesia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, England, USA, France, Germany, etc have graduated from the New Zealand school. South Seas graduates have worked in international films and television programmes including King Kong, Lord of the Rings, Last Samurai, Whalerider, Hercules, and Once Were Warriors.

All South Seas training courses and professional programmes have extensive depth in the curriculum, learning outcomes and scheduling detail. Heads of Departments and industry experts evaluate the training programmes each year regarding the courses relevance in its technological, production techniques and educational aspects.

Studio and Equipment Hire

South Seas offers TV production companies and other media organisations a multi-camera studio production facility mastering onto Sony XD format.

Hire Fees

Total cost $TBA (Exc GST) per day. Weekly bookings and long term hire can be negotiated at a reduced rate. The studio is also available as a bare/dry hire at $TBA (excluding GST) per set-up day and $TBA (excluding GST) per record day. Use of Studio Lighting is an extra $TBA (excluding GST) per day.

Use of control room/autocue facilites requires technical assistance from South Seas. Additional space for makeup, wardrobe, rehearsals and green room facilities can be negotiated and booked.Freelance professional crew and rates are available on request. Post-production facilities can be booked and are available on request.

Proof of Production Insurance is required for hireage of facilities and equipment.

Contact: Lauren Clarke
Phone: (09) 444 3253