Arieto Echevarria

South Seas - Arieto EchevarriaAreito Echevarria’s career proves that with hard work, persistence and the right training, a job making movie magic is not out of reach.

Areito joined South Seas as a 17 year old straight out of secondary school, and quickly showed tutors that he was committed and intent on his goal of working internationally in the film industry.

By the end of the course he was so skilled in both online and offline Avid Editing that he had no trouble finding an editing job with Ambience Entertainment in Sydney.

His career ended up leading him to London where he helped create the world of Harry Potter for the big screen.

When you get to the top the rewards are well worth the effort.

Since that time, Arieto has worked on some the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood history including Black Hawk Down, X-Men and The Hobbit.

When asked what advice he’d give to film students, he said “Work hard, earn your stripes and go where the opportunities take you because when you get to the top the rewards are well worth the effort. I have achieved a lot, and I appreciate the good start I got at South Seas. They helped me to set off on the road to success.”