Bevan Crothers

South Seas - Bevan CrothersBevan Crothers hadn’t planned on a career in Film & TV, but a one week South Seas intro course set him on a path that led him to work on both the Olympics and popular travel show ‘Intrepid Journeys’.

By the end of the week, Bevan had decided to do South Sea’s 1 year Diploma in Film & Television Production.

After graduating in 1997, Bevan did his time polishing his skills on Shortland Street before moving on to TVNZ and JAM TV, travelling all over the world and covering some of the world’s biggest sporting events.

Speaking of his choice to dive into the world of Film & TV, Bevan said “It hadn’t really occurred to me that you could do this as a job. Now that I know it’s possible, I have no regrets about choosing a career in the industry.”