Jabez Olssen

South Seas - Jabez Olssen Jabez Olssen, Oscar nominee and one of Peter Jackson’s most valued team members, kickstarted his career with South Seas’ one year production course.

Jabez majored in Post Production, and soon found work at high end post production companies, where he was forced to rely on the extensive practical edit suite training he’d received at South Seas.

It wasn’t long before industry people who admired his skill and commitment recommended him to Peter Jackson, who needed another Avid Editor for The Fellowship of the Ring.

The rest is history, with Jabez going on to work on the remaining Lord of the Rings films, King Kong, Tintin, The Lovely Bones and The Hobbit.

Jabez said he was grateful to his initial South Seas training, as it gave him the confidence to “try anything”.

Jabez was interviewed by Avid.com:
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