Nick Barber

South Seas Animation graduate Nicholas Barber2011 Animation Graduate Nick Barber’s passion for character animation has taken him all the way to Tokyo.

Nick found his first opportunity to work in an animation studio during the 2nd year of his studies. As a part of South Seas new work experience programme, Nick submitted his character animation show-reel to Auckland based animation studio Yukfoo. It was well received.

Nick was offered a work experience position with the studio, and gained experience working on a range of commercial projects alongside a team of talented directors, artists and animators. Later, this internship position led to a full time offer.  Nick graduated in 2011 after completing an internship at Auckland Animation studio Yukfoo.  Nick has since worked as a character animator at Oktobor Animation on the Kung Fu Panda series, and at OLM, Inc. in Tokyo where his projects included the iconic game series Street Fighter.

“Nick’s reel showed plenty of potential, our Animation Leads were impressed with his skills right off the bat”. – Glen Real, Executive Producer, Yukfoo.

Throughout his studies at South Seas, Nick showed great enthusiasm and passion for character animation, and had a very clear goal of working in this highly specialised area. Thanks to plenty of hard work learning the craft and honing his skills, not to mention lots of time spent animating after hours, he has fast-tracked his way into the industry.