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    Interested in studying abroad? South Seas offers diplomas in Film and Television, Animation, Photography and On Screen Acting. As New Zealand’s leading film school, South Seas has attracted international students from over 50 different countries. Check below if anyone from your country has studied at South Seas.

    Why Come to South Seas?

    • Caring and supportive learning environment
    • Practical, hands on training
    • Cutting edge industry technology
    • Tutoring by industry veterans who really know their stuff

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International Students by Countries

  • Argentina (4)
    Australia (3)
    Austria (3)
    Belgium (3)
    Brazil (3)
    Bulgaria (4)
    Cambodia (1)
    Canada (2)
    Chile (2)
    China (16)
    Colombia (1)
    Cook Islands(4)

  • Denmark (1)
    Ethiopia (2)
    Fiji (7)
    Finland (2)
    Germany (3)
    Hungary (1)
    India (29)
    Indonesia (4)
    Iran (1)
    Iraq (1)
    Israel (1)
    Italy (2)

  • Japan (3)
    Jordan (1)
    Malaysia (1)
    Mexico (1)
    Mongolia (1)
    New Caledonia(1)
    Nigeria (1)
    Niue (2)
    Pakistan (2)
    Panama (7)
    Papua New Guinea(1)

  • Peru (2)
    Philippines (5)
    Romania (2)
    Russia (3)
    Samoa (11)
    Singapore (1)
    Somalia (1)
    South Africa (8)
    South Korea (6)
    Sri Lanka (3)
    Sudan (1)
    Sweden (19)

  • Switzerland (2)
    Taiwan (2)
    Thailand (5)
    Netherlands (4)
    Tonga (7)
    Trinidad & Tobago(2)
    Turkey (1)
    Ukraine (1)
    United Arab Emirates(1)
    United Kingdom (11)
    United States (11)
    Vietnam (1)
    Zimbabwe (1)

  • 2019 International applications are open – APPLY NOW!

    International Student Info

    The following information will be useful for successful applicants who have accepted a South Seas course position and are planning the next steps towards coming to in New Zealand. South Seas is a signatory to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority’s Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. The Code is a set of guidelines that institutions must abide by if they enrol international students. You can find the Code here.

    Student Visas

    Before a Student Visa can be issued, the applicant needs to: Complete a NZ study visa application which can be downloaded here. Provide evidence to Immigration NZ of a South Seas Offer of Place and Payment of tuition fees. Please note that: A student visa will only be issued for the length of time your fees have been paid. Normally students pay the full one year course fees to obtain the one year study visa they need to complete the course. The minimum period you can obtain a study visa for is 6 months. This means that if you enrol on a one year course you will need to pay a minimum of half the course fee to obtain a six month visa. You will then need to apply for another 6 month study visa when you pay the second half of the course fees which does take time away from studies to complete.

    International Student Insurance

    Insurance cover for international students studying in New Zealand is compulsory and needed to protect you from significant financial costs arising from incidences that may arise. International students are not eligible for public-funded health & disability services, although there is some cover for accidents & injuries for everyone in New Zealand. You have the choice of arranging insurance cover from your home country (South Seas will require a copy of the policy in English, if it isn’t already) or you can use a New Zealand based company. Cover should start from the day you leave home until the day you intend to return home.

    Arrival in Auckland

    A South Seas representative will be in touch with you via email to answer any questions you may have regarding the organisation of your trip. Once you have your flight details let us know and we can organise someone to meet you at the airport. This person will then help you to settle in to Auckland, including taking you to organise a NZ bank account, mobile phone, look at your accommodation options and a tour of South Seas campus. A meeting with administration will be organised in order to complete the enrolment process which includes providing evidence of your student visa and international student insurance.

    Working while studying in New Zealand

    Students may be eligible to work during the academic year. Full details of visa and permit requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available through New Zealand Immigration At any time if you have any questions please email the student adviser who sent you your enrolment documents.

    Accommodation Option Application Requirements

  • International Student Interviews