Julia Parnell Features on ScreenTalk

South Seas Film & Television School graduate Julia Parnell runs her own production company, Notable Pictures, and is the award-winning producer of Wayne Anderson: Singer of Songs, The Exponents and The Dragon Story.  She is also the originator and executive producer of the successful mini-documentary initiative Landing Docs.

Julia features in NZ On Screen’s latest episode of ScreenTalk where she talks about:

  • Working with one of a kind singer Wayne Anderson
  • Celebrating and talking about ethnic diversity with series Both Worlds
  • Redemption and change being at the heart of her documentary Drug Court
  • Proving to the Film Commission that she could handle the visual effects on short film Dive
  • Her luck at being able to produce music documentaries about legendary bands The Exponents and Dragon
  • Exploring a range of marriages for TV series Arranged
  • The contribution Loading Docs is making to the screen industry

Video – NZ On Screen: Interview, Camera and Editing – Andrew Whiteside, / CC BY-NC