Min Kim

South Seas Graduate Min KimWhat year did you graduate South Seas?

I graduated in 2009 from the On-Screen Acting course.

How has South Seas equipped you to face the industry?

During South Seas we had to work on many projects with various directors and crews. It was a good experience to see that each director’s approach towards a project and what they wanted to achieve was very different; each director has their own style and unique point of view of seeing the world. This helped to build my flexibility as an actor. These projects were also occurring simultaneously which meant I had to constantly multi-task and manage my time accordingly. This was a very valuable lesson from the course.

What are some highlights of your career?

Since graduating South Seas I have been working on various theatre projects, commercials and TV dramas. One of my favourite projects was when I worked with French theatre company Groupe F for the show ‘The Breath of the Volcano’ as part of the Auckland Arts Festival in 2013. The nature of the show consists of image projections, fire and fireworks and is spectacular to watch. The show was held at the Auckland Domain and approximately 100,000 people attended the show. As amazing as this experience was in itself, the best thing was meeting these talented French artists. Just from hanging out with these guys during rehearsals inspired me because they were so in love and passionate about what they do.

What’s one thing you would tell current acting students?

Keep calm and carry on; on stage, in life.

What do you love most about your work?

To put it simply I love the variety each day brings and the nature of the work allows me to be adventurous. Most of all I am having fun and meeting some incredible people along the way.

South Seas Graduate Min Kim

Min Kim

Min working on the show ‘SEA’ by Red Leap Theatre Company.