Sean O’Connor

South Seas Film & TV School - Sean O'ConnorWhat year did you graduate South Seas?

I graduated On Screen Acting in 2009 and this was my first experience acting in any shape or form. I did the 3 day intro course with Johnny and he encouraged me to audition for the year long Diploma. I was offered a place, much to my surprise and at the age of 40 began my acting journey.

How has South Seas equipped you to face the industry?

I think South Seas equipped me well to work in the industry due to the very practical nature of the course. You get to work with other actors and crew from the very early stages of the course and this has taught me what a collaborative industry this is. Johnny also used to say ‘the first job of the actor is to turn up’ and this is something I still remember and employ today. It’s a small industry here and people remember if you’re late to set!

What are some highlights of your career so far?

The biggest highlight for me was going from Extra roles on Shortland Street in 2008 (prior to South Seas) to a guest speaking role for 3 episodes on Shortland Street in 2011. Quite a memorable storyline and one which has probably prevented me going back on there as I died in the programme.

South Seas Film & TV School - Sean O'ConnorAside from that, working with Will Hall on a recent web series and forming a working relationship with Linda Darby, Rhys’ sister. I have now been in 4 of her films and there is another in the pipeline. I have now been in 35 or so short films since leaving South Seas. I had single scenes in 3 Mile Limit, which is currently winning awards in the States and also an independent film, Crackheads in 2013. Each scene in these different films was with David Aston, who was in the Matrix and Lord of the Rings. Great experience for me to be working with experienced professionals.

What’s one thing you would tell current acting students?

One piece of advice would be to look for any opportunity to continue your craft. Choose projects carefully and look for roles that offer some variation for your showreel. Also, NEVER give up. I think acting is always with you from that first project. Persistence pays!

South Seas Film & TV School - Sean O'Connor on set of PlaymatesWhat do you love most about your work?

I love the fact that I get to work with so many different people and have met some amazing actors and crew since starting this journey.

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