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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • South Seas

    What full time courses are available at South Seas?
    Each year South Seas delivers 4 different full time diploma courses which are (1) Film and TV Production; (2) Animation Production; (3) On Screen Acting; (4) Digital Photography.

    Q: Do I need some film making skills before attending?
    A: Some basic knowledge is all that’s required although the course will also be suitable for those who already have ideas and a passion for the industry.

    Q: Is the Film & TV course equipment you use broadcast quality?
    A: Yes, all equipment and facilities are industry related.

    Q: Can I use the equipment at weekends?
    A: It can be arranged when available.

    Q: How long has South Seas been operating?
    A: Since 1992.

    Q: How many students in total attend South Seas?
    A: Around 190 students are enrolled in total each year.

    Q; How far is the school from the central city?
    A: 15 km from the City Centre


    Q: What is the average summer/winter temperature?
    A: 15–26°C (59–79°F) summer / 5–15°C (41–59°F) winter.

    Q: What is the population of Auckland?
    A: 1.4 Million.

    Q: What does Auckland as a place to study, have to offer?
    A: Many beautiful beaches, hundreds of cafes and restaurants, cinemas, theatres, bush walks, island cruises, good climate, multi-cultural society, diving, bush walks, swimming and much more.

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  • Accommodation

    There are a number of accommodation options on the North Shore, close to the South Seas campus or in the greater Auckland area. Below are some links to help you in finding accommodation.


    We recommend that you organise temporary accommodation in a hostel or motel on your arrival in Auckland. Then you can go and actually visit any accommodation that you may have enquired about. Below are some links to temporary accommodation that may be suitable.

    Auckland North Shore Motels & Holiday Park
    Aristotles Motel
    AA Travel – Glenfield motels
    Takapuna Motor Lodge
    Takapuna Beach Holiday Park
    Auckland Hostels database

    Please do not commit or sign any contracts for accommodation until you arrive in NZ and have viewed the different options. South Seas will help you to organise accommodation and put you in touch with other international students that are new to New Zealand, please contact

    Please note: While we are happy to advise students of any available accommodation that becomes known to us and will actively assist students in finding suitable accommodation, we do this in good faith and are unable to offer any guarantees.