In 2019, South Seas Animation School will be merging with the programmes offered at both Animation College and Yoobee School of Design. Find out more about starting your journey to an exciting and rewarding career in the animation industry.

  • Film & TV School

    South Seas Film & TV School - Diploma in Film & Television Production

    • Production Management
    • Drama Directing & Script Writing
    • Documentary Directing
    • Camera, Lighting & Audio
    • Art & Design
    • Post Production

    Read more: Diploma in Film & TV Production

  • Animation School

    South Seas - Diploma in Animation

    From game artist to animator, South Seas Animation School gives you all the skills and experience you need to establish a creative career in the animation industry.

    Read more: Diploma in Animation

  • Photography School

    South Seas - Diploma in Photography

    Learn the skills to become a professional at South Seas Photography School, specialising in Commercial Photography, Shoot Still Life, Food , Portrait, Beauty, Documentary, Conceptual and more.

    Read more: Diploma in Photography

  • Acting School

    South Seas - Diploma in On Screen Acting

    Shine on screen! Explore a range of acting techniques and gain industry relevant skills and experience to launch your screen acting career.

    Read more: Diploma in Acting

Short Courses

  • Intro Courses

    These courses are written by South Seas and are not registered with NZQA.

    South Seas Intro Course - Film and TV Production

    Intro to Film & TV Production

    2018 Dates

    Dec 4-6, 2018

    2019 Dates

    July 9-11, 2019
    Sep  24 – 26, 2019
    Dec 3-5, 2019

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    South Seas Intro Course - Photography

    Intro to Photography

    2019 Dates

    Apr 9-10, 2019
    Sep 17-18, 2019

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    South Seas Intro Course - On Screen Acting

    Intro to On Screen Acting

    2018 Dates

    Dec 5-7, 2018

    2019 Dates

    July 10-12, 2019
    Sep 25 -27, 2019
    Dec 4-6, 2019

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  • Upcoming Short Courses

    South Seas Film & TV School Short Courses - Free Animation Workshop

    FREE Animation Workshop

    Level: Beginners
    Minimum age: 16

    Next class: Oct 27, 2018

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Diploma Course Dates

  • Film & Television – 39 weeks

    Next course begins Jan 29, 2019, Enrolling now.
    Course details

    Animation – 1 to 3 years

    Next course begins Feb 11, 2019, Enrolling now.
    Course details

    Photography – 40 weeks

    Next course begins Jan 29, 2019, Enrolling now.  May be subject to change.
    Course details

    On-Screen Acting – 39 weeks

    Next course begins Jan 29, 2010, Enrolling now.
    Course details

  • Short Cuts


What Our Students Say About Us

  • Was the start of a career I’ve loved every second of, now working at Disney, a dream.

    Libby Montague-Brown, Production Account Manager at The Walt Disney Company

    I loved South Seas so much, and the bonds I made last year were so unlike anything I had ever experienced.

    Emma Wilson-Hill, Assistant Editor of Housebound

    South Seas wasn’t only a fantastic year of learning and experimenting (it was) but, perhaps more importantly, it was the birthplace of some rock solid friendships and working relationships that have now lasted more than a decade.

    Alastair Tye Samson, Producer of Jake

  • Loved every second spent here. Learnt so much not only as a film student but as an individual. Life changing for sure!

    Jolyn Iro, Media Operator at SkyTV

    In two words: Professionalism and support. Thanks South Seas and all the staff!

    Alessandro Casella, Producer & Director at 7 Besouros Produções

    The support has been over and beyond any other schooling experience I have had. Best decision I made!

    Logan Judd, Director/Videographer at Powered On Videography