Vincent Kusyadi

VINCENT KUSYADI - South Seas Animation School graduate

Vincent Kusyadi graduated from the Animation course in 2010 and landed a job as a layout artist for a Canadian CG children’s television series in Indonesia.

VINCENT KUSYADI - South Seas Animation School graduate

KINEMA STUDIOS facilities at Indonesia, located in one of the most beautiful resort areas on Batam Island.

What is your current role?

I’m doing layout and blocking animation.

What is your typical week like?

At the end of every week, we must deliver one episode to the client, and I translate 2D storyboards into 3D (framing characters, placing props and blocking animation). Personally I will have to complete around 25-30 shots/week.

How did you get this job?

After I graduated, I added my compilation/portfolio online which is how I found the job from 3D forum.

What are the most valuable skills you learned at South Seas?

At my current job, I do framing and blocking of characters, so I think the most important skill is understanding basic animation itself (squash and stretch, timing spacing, posing, and expression), and of course understanding characters within the camera. That is what I learnt during school and that is why I got this job – Plus the software knowledge as well, they are just the tools to make my work faster and easier.

VINCENT KUSYADI - South Seas Animation School graduateHow important is ongoing skill development as a professional?

It’s important to keep studying the areas that you have a passion for, and want to be professional at. Once you have the foundation, it’s good to study additional areas of animation you are interested in. For example, I have an interest in video games so I am studying technical animation, such as using script, VFX and software specific to gaming.

Tell us about your current or upcoming projects?

Franklin and Friends has just finished (2 months ago), and now I’m doing layout and blocking for Peter Rabbit (animated series) until the end of this year.

What advice would you give to our current animation students?

Explore and practice, update your portfolio and build networks. Let the public know about your work.

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